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PADI Course Director

The PADI Course Director (CD) rating is the highest PADI professional certification. Course Director Training Course (CDTC) applicants meet stringent criteria involving experience in conducting PADI instructor development programs and demonstration of active leadership role in the dive community.

The CDTC develops experienced instructors into entry-level instructor trainers through a process of development, practical application and evaluation. Conducted by PADI Staff, CDTCs are consistent, cutting-edge, unparalleled in candidate support and fair evaluation. CD candidates also gain in-depth knowledge on PADI philosophy and their leadership role in the diving community. Those who meet CDTC performance requirements earn the PADI Course Director rating.

Applicants apply for a Course Director Training Course by submitting an application along with documentation supporting prerequisite requirements to their PADI Office. Applicants are evaluated on selection criteria, ranked within the pool of applicants and notified once selections are made.

All together only about one percent of PADI’s members are certified as PADI CDs and the number of them is around 1,200 world wide.

Requirements to be able to apply for a CDTC:

  • Teaching status PADI Master Instructor for six motns
  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor
  • Completed one of the following options after becoming an PADI IDC Staff Instructor:
    • Staff two complete PADI IDCs or
    • Staff one complete PADI IDC, conduct one PADI Assistant Instructor course, and staff one complete PADI OWSI program or
    • Conduct two PADI Assistant Instructor courses and staff two complete PADI OWSI programs
  • Renewed Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Dive Center or Resort work experience
  • 250 logged dives
  • For 12 months before course start date:
    • Have no verified quality assurance complaints
    • Conduct all levels of diver training consistent with PADI philosophy and as outlined in the PADI Instructor Manual and PADI Course Director Manual
    • Exclusively use the PADI System of diver education for recreational diver training including the various PADI student manuals, PADI Instructor Guides and Lesson Guides, Instructor Cue Cards or slates, videos, multimedia products, quizzes and exams, Recreational Dive Planner, flip charts and/or workbooks, as available
    • Issue only PADI certifications to student divers completing recreational diver training
  • Within 12 months of application:
    • Score 83 percent in each of the required Dive Theory Exams
    • Score 85 percent on the PADI System, Standards and Procedures Exam
    • Organize or lead (and return data for) a Project AWARE activity or event
  • Meet other requirements as listed on the current application

The above listed content and requirements for the course are the most important ones, some additional content and requirements may be applicable.

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