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Become a PADI scuba instructor

You are able to become a PADI dive professional in really short time. You see the way you have to go in the course flowchart. First of all you have to walk through the training of recreational scuba diving. This way is shown in light blue in the first row of the flowchart:

You are able to walk through this training steps in five weekends only, respectively from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. There is no need for you to participate at the first box‘ parts (PADI Seal Team, Bubblemaker, Discover Scuba Diving and Skin Diver) nor to take the subsets PADI Scuba Diver and PADI Adventure Diver as a separate course. During this training you conduct at minimum 14 open water dives:

  • 4 within PADI Open Water Diver course
  • 5 within PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course
  • 5 within PADI Rescue Diver course.
If you finish a course succesfully, you will be certified and you receive a certification card with your picture.

Information regarding a course, requirements, prerequisites and similar things you receive by clicking on the relevant course in above flowchart.

Before you are allowed to start with a PADI Divemaster course - the first professional PADI rating, you need beside a PADI Open Water Diver, a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and a PADI Rescue Diver certification all together 40 open water dives. You can conduct these open water dives between the courses or afterwards with a dive buddy of your joyce. All open water dives will be logged in your personal logbook and verified by your buddy‘s signature.

There is also a huge bunch of PADI Specialty Diver courses, which are marked in dark blue in the flowchart. However it is helpful and supports you to gain experience when participating in PADI Specialty Diver courses on your way to become a PADI scuba professional, these courses are not mandatory to become a PADI pro.

The professional PADI ratings are marked in black in the flowchart. To conduct all PADI courses including the PADI Divemaster independently you must reach at least the rating of a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (PADI OWSI). You reach this instructor rating either by entering as a PADI Divemaster directly into a PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course) or you become a PADI Assistant Instructor first and you attend a PADI OWSI program afterwards.

Whatever way you choose - PADI IDC or PADI Assistant Instructor plus PADI OWSI - before you become a PADI scuba instructor (PADI OWSI), you have to proof your achievement in a PADI IE (Instructor Examination).

A PADI IE is conducted by a PADI Examiner and normally takes two days.The PADI IE verifies your qualification you have learned during your training courses. After successful participation and meeting all necessary requirements, you will be certified by PADI as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (PADI OWSI) - the first PADI scuba instructor level.

dive2pro assists you not only to reach this level. dive2pro of course also offers continuing education for PADI scuba instructors (PADI Specialty Instructor and PADI IDC Staff Instructor courses). And we support you when looking for a job by using our international dive2pro network.

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